Scientific Advisors*


Ulrich Granzer, PhD

Ulrich Granzer has a wide range of experience in all aspects of drug development and regulatory affairs, including drug safety and GXP.
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Ruth Ladenstein, MD

Ruth Ladenstein is professor of Pediatrics at the Children’s Cancer Research Institute Vienna (CCRI).
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Holger Lode, MD

Holger Lode is Professor and Chair of the Department of General Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at the University Medicine Greifswald.
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Hans Loibner, PhD

As the first CEO to run APEIRON, Dr. Hans Loibner had a long and distinguished career at the Company. He retired after 13 successful years as of July 15, 2018 as Chief Executive Officer and continues to support the Company as a senior advisor. Dr. Loibner holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Vienna. He has more than 20 years of experience in R&D management at Sandoz/Novartis and had been acting for 18 years as CEO of Biotech companies before joining Apeiron. Since 1985 he has been engaged in clinically oriented cancer immunotherapy.

Friedrich Lottspeich, MD PhD

Emeritus Head of Protein Analysis, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried. He is one of the leading international experts in the area of proteomics, more than 650 scientific publications.
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Pierre L. Triozzi, MD

Professor, Hematology/Oncology & Cancer Biology
Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winstom-Salem, NC, USA

Daniel D. Von Hoff, MD

Physician in Chief, Distinguished Professor, Translational Genomics Research Institute; Professor of Medicine, Mayo Clinic; Chief Scientific Officer, Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare; Professor, Univ. of Arizona College of Pharmacy

*None of the named persons is a member to an executive body of the Company