Corporate Profile

APEIRON is a privately-held European biotech company based in Vienna, Austria, focused on the discovery and development of novel cancer immunotherapies. APEIRON received EU marketing approval for APN311 (Dinutuximab beta, Qarziba®) in May 2017 for the treatment of pediatric neuroblastoma patients and out-licensed global, exclusive rights to this product to EUSA Pharma Ltd.
APEIRON now leverages its proprietary master checkpoint blockade mechanism to enable the human body’s natural defense mechanisms to fight tumors. APEIRON’s lead clinical program APN401 is a first-in-class autologous cellular therapy to enhance immune reactivity via an intracellular immune master checkpoint, Cbl-b.
APEIRON’s key projects and technologies are bolstered by a strong patent portfolio with broad territorial coverage. APEIRON’s development expertise is validated through partnerships with leading global pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.

(APEIRON Cell Therapies GmbH)

Clinical stage company, developing APN401, a novel siRNA-based Cell Therapy, targeting Cbl-b, a master immune checkpoint. APN401 has already demonstrated safety and disease stabilization in Phase 1a and Phase 1b investigator- initiated studies.