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Improving the life of our patients with next-generation technologies and individual therapies

  • Focused on novel cancer immunotherapies and respiratory treatments
  • First Austrian biotech company to develop a cancer immunotherapy product through to market
    Approval in 2017 of APN311 for treatment of pediatric neuroblastoma in EU and other countries,
    US/Japan BLA filing in preparation
  • Respiratory drug candidate APN01 in clinical development
  • Oncology pipeline in clinical stages
  • Lead by highly experienced and motivated team with global background


APEIRON’s „Three questions to“
Prof. Chris Oostenbrink 1. How can computational techniques allow to study the effects of mutations of SARS-CoV-2 ? Computational methods allow us to describe molecular interactions at a space and time resolution that is often unattainable experimentally. This means that we can zoom in at an atomic level to understand visualize, rationalize, and predict what...
July 15, 2021
APEIRON Biologics launches next clinical trial with innovative cancer therapy APN401

Important development step for promising cell therapy Paradigm shift in cancer treatment: process developed by APEIRON uses immune system to treat solid tumors Innovative new manufacturing and treatment process enables outpatient treatment within one day from cell collection to reinfusion Phase Ib clinical trial evaluates immunological effects as well as safety and tolerability of APN401…

July 6, 2021
APEIRON’s „Three questions to“
Prof. Ali Mirazimi, Karolinska Institutet, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Sweden 1. Given your background working with vaccines and contagious viruses, what surprised you most when the new coronavirus struck in March 2020 ? Most surprising was the broad arsenal of disease complexity and how the virus could very quickly cause a pandemic disease with huge...
June 14, 2021