APEIRON Biologics AG, based in Vienna, Austria, is a clinical stage biotech company developing innovative products in cancer immunotherapy. The company was founded by Professor Josef Penninger and became operational in 2006. Apeiron currently employs about 45 people and is led by a management team with strong background in the biotech industry and drug development, especially in immuno-oncology.

Apeiron’s impressive track record in R&D of innovative projects has been validated by several license deals with Pharmaceutical companies (GSK for APN01, Sanofi for APN411, EUSA Pharma for APN311) and importantly by the marketing authorization in the EU for APN311 in May 2017 (dinutuximab beta; Qarziba®). APN311 is a monoclonal antibody for immunotherapy of pediatric neuroblastoma, a rare and severe childhood cancer.
See projects for the present status of Apeiron’s portfolio projects.

The Apeiron

“The Apeiron is neither water nor any other one of the things called elements, but the infinite is something of a different nature, from which came all the heavens and the worlds in them”

“A power that is present within and amongst all beings”

“…that which lies at the base of all existence, making expression and individuality possible”

“It embraces the opposites of hot and cold, wet and dry”

“The Apeiron or the “infinite” is a matter that has no boundary”

Anaximander, ~600 BC


Apeiron Biologics AG focuses on development of innovative and novel projects in cancer immunotherapy. At present, two main approaches are pursued.

Antibody based approaches selectively targeting tumors expressing the glycolipid GD2, applicable both for orphan and larger tumor indications (clinical stage):

  • APN301: anti-GD2 antibody-IL2 fusion protein, intratumoral application in GD2+ pediatric cancers
  • APN301: anti-GD2 antibody-IL2 fusion protein, intratumoral application in malignant melanoma

Unique, novel immune checkpoint inhibition series based on novel checkpoints, broadly applicable to solid and hematopoietic tumors:

  • APN401: Individual cellular immunotherapy based on the intracellular master immune checkpoint cbl-b (clinical stage)
  • APN411: Orally available low molecular weight drugs targeting a novel immune checkpoint for immune stimulation to fight cancer, together with Sanofi and Evotec
  • APN421: Low molecular weight drugs targeting a novel immune checkpoint (different to APN411)
  • APN431: Peptide based drugs targeting the master immune checkpoint cbl-b

Furthermore, in 2010 Apeiron licenced APN01 globally to GlaxoSmithKline.


Peter Llewellyn-Davies
Peter Llewellyn-Davies
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer
An over 25 year track record in financing activities, international M&A deals, company turnarounds, licensing transactions, in particular in healthcare industries including Wilex and Medigene (Short CV).


Anderson Gaweco
Anderson Gaweco, M.D.,Ph.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Chief Scientific Officer
Industry CEO/CSO: Innovimmune, CMO: Lifecycle Pharma, Global Clinical Leader: Roche & Pfizer,
Sr Medical Scientist: AstraZeneca
Academia Visiting Professor of Medicine: SUNY Medical Center
Asst Professor of Medicine & Pathology: Loyola University Chicago
Founder Innovimmune, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University Medical Center
Guest Faculty, Georgetown Biotechnology Program


Apeiron is built on a financial base that has been provided by national and international private equity investors. In addition, several pharma companies have aquired a minority stage (GSK, Paladin, Medison, Gen Ilac, Dexcel) Furthermore, Apeiron has received or is entitled to get financial support from various Austrian and European support agencies.

Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS)

vienna business agency

Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG)

European Investment Bank (EIB)